Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ten months out...

I am a 32 year old wife and mother to four children, ages 8, 7, 3, and 10 months. Five, if you count my 10 month old dog.  Six, if you count my 36 year old husband-- which I do at times.  I have a Masters in Management, a Bachelors in English, and career experience-- but these days I pretty much do nothing that I couldn't have done for $60k less straight out of high school. Heck, who am I kidding?  You don't even need to go to HS to have kids, do laundry, and make dinner.  Ahhh... one day... one day I'll be back in business suits and using big words (without having to define them)... 

But to the point of this blog:   I am tired of hearing people say (in an entirely complimentary way, of course) "You look great for having four kids!"  OR "Don't be too hard on yourself, you have had four kids, you know!"  (Yes, I know.  I was there for all four of them.)  So, I'm ready to work toward "looking great (period)".  Ie,  I want to hear someone say "There's no way you have four kids-- you look like a supermodel!"  Oh, not because I really want to be skinny.  I haven't been skinny since I hit puberty and my breasts decided to try for a marathon without any prep or warm-up before hand.  And not because my husband likes the supermodel thin body.  He actually prefers me with some cushion for the... baby's head to lay on.  No, I'm doing this because I can not afford to buy a whole new closet of larger sized clothes and, darn it!, I like (some of) the clothes I already own and can no longer fit into.  And because muffin tops just aren't cute, no matter how much cushion your husband is into.  

So I'm starting this blog as a motivator.  And as a record of my weight loss plan.  Which includes my kids (if you read the title of this blog, you've probably already figured that out.)  And no, I am not going to get rid of some of the kids, although that option does cross my mind on occasion.  

All right.  So, introductions complete, let's have at it.  My two oldest children go to school every day, therefore they are mostly exempt from the activities that will be discussed on this blog.  It is, therefore, my 3 year old and my 10 month old that have the luck to be used in place of a medicine ball.  And let's start off the honesty here by saying they love it!  Heck, what kid doesn't like being tossed around by his/ her mom?  (unless the tossing lands them into a wall, but I've learned my lesson since then)

And I do need to insert in here a quick comment-- after my second child (my only son) was born, I was at a great weight.  Probably my best/ healthiest ever.  So it's only fitting that my two youngest children get used as barbells, since they are to blame for the current state of my body.  
And use them as barbells.. and medicine balls... and hand weights I will indeed.  And they'll love it. They'd better.

Another quick comment before I start giving stats:  I'm too cheap to go to a gym that offers childcare, I don't use strollers-- besides the price of a double stroller, I can't go for a walk without my dog (feel guilty about that) and I can't manage a stroller and a leash, and it's often too cold, snowy, wet to take two kids out-- so walking is out.  I don't have an indoor gym system, other than a bike that annoys me, and while I was persuaded to buy a pilates video from tv once, I can't do that (or yoga) without being climbed on by one or more of the kids... which leads me to my current exercise plan called 
"Who needs a medicine ball when you have a baby?".  Also known as "medicine baby" and "baby ball" and "who needs a baby?" and, by 8pm, "who needs medication right about now?".

This blog is going to keep track of my measurements, and I'm going to describe just what I did each day in the form of exercise (with my kiddos).  
Please don't expect results and don't swear by this plan until we see results.
And I will be honest.  To prove how honest, I'm going to post a naked picture of myself right now, and again in six months.  Just joking.  That would violate my terms with Google Blogger.  But I did take a very unflattering underwear picture that I will hold in reserve until we have an "after" picture to compare it to.

But, to prove my honesty, I have taken my measurements as of 9:30 this morning.  Ten months out from baby #4.  

32 years old
5 feet 8 inches tall
167 pounds naked

waist 33"
hips 42"
thigh (just one) 24"
chest (under the breasts) 32"
chest (over the breast/ under arms) 37.5"
breasts (breast-feeding breasts) 41"
upper arm 12"
around bum 43"

Now, some could argue that those are perfect hourglass figures, but when I'm still trying to squeeze into a size 8/10, that hourglass gets a little bumpy.

After taking all those measurements (nothing motivates you and depresses you at the same time like taking your measurements), I lie down on the floor with the kiddos-- one hand holding my 50lb tension weight (our 10 month old black lab puppy, also known as "Dugan") who thought this was daddy-dog wrestle time-- and started my exercise regimen for today:

30 leg lifts-- flat on back, with 3 year old (28lb) child sitting on my feet and hugging my knees, I extended my legs out as far as I could, then brought them back into my chest.  I ended this exercise by flipping her upside down over my head and onto my couch.  From here on out, we'll refer to 28lb, 3yr old weight as "Kolbie".  She wanted me to do more, but I physically could not. 

Then, while holding Kolbie in the same position, legs partially extended (since that's all I could manage), I did 10 presses with my 10 month old, 16lb weight, who we will refer to as "Micah".  I would have done more, but she started to squirm.  

Last exercise of the day was to schooch on over to the couch, put my feet on it, Micah on my belly, and do 50 bum-lifts.  I actually did 30, then took a break for a few seconds, then 18 more.  Then two more.  Micah loved that.  She continued to bounce up and down on my belly as I gasped on the floor.  

Keep in mind that these were all done with one hand holding Dugan back from the party.  So that's day one of this agenda and post one of this blog. We'll try to make it to 2-2 tomorrow!


  1. You are such a good writer, I look forward to reading more.

  2. I love it! You always wrote so well! I look forward to reading more. Good luck! BTW I wish I had those measurements and weighed that much!

  3. Thanks, Amy. I think we all wish for what we don't have. :-)